List of Reports


This list is always growing, if you perform a test that is not included in these reports, we can create new reports to add to the list.


ABD - Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Evaluation
ABD - Abdominal Vascular Evaluation
ABD - Aortic Stent Evaluation
ABD - Aorto-iliac Evaluation
ABD - Basic Aorto-iliac Evaluation
ABD - Budd Chiari Evaluation
ABD - Hepatoportal Evaluation
ABD - IVC & Iliac Vein Evaluation
ABD - Mesenteric Artery Evaluation
ABD - Renal Duplex Scan - Long
ABD - Renal Duplex Scan - Short
ABD - Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt
CV - Carotid Duplex Evaluation
CV - Carotid Duplex Exam
CV - Carotid Duplex Scan
CV - Transcranial Doppler
CV - Transcranial Imaging Duplex
EC - Echocardiographic Study Report
EC - Echocardiographic Study Report 2
Generic Procedure
GU - Abdominal Ultrasound Sonographer's Comment Sheet
GU - Pelvis Ultrasound Sonographer's Comment Sheet
GU - Renal Ultrasound Sonographer's Comment Sheet
LE - Ankle Brachial Index
LE - Ankles and Digits
LE - Arterial Duplex Scan
LE - Basic Extremity Arterial
LE - Basic Extremity Venous
LE - Dialysis Access Duplex Scan Bilateral
LE - Dialysis Access Duplex Scan Left
LE - Dialysis Access Duplex Scan Right
LE - Fistula Evaluation
LE - Graft Surveillance Bilateral
LE - Graft Surveillance Left
LE - Graft Surveillance Right
LE - Post Exercise Ankle Pressure Response
LE - Pseudoaneurysm Evaluation
LE - Segmental Pressures & Waveforms
LE - Segmental Pressures With Digits
LE - Vein Mapping Bilateral
LE - Vein Mapping Left
LE - Vein Mapping Right
LE - Venous Duplex Evaluation Bilateral
LE - Venous Duplex Evaluation Left
LE - Venous Duplex Evaluation Right
LE - Venous Duplex Exam Bilateral
LE - Venous Duplex Exam Left
LE - Venous Duplex Exam Right
LE - Venous Duplex Scan Bilateral
LE - Venous Duplex Scan Left
LE - Venous Duplex Scan Right
LE - Venous Insufficiency Bilateral
LE - Venous Insufficiency Left
LE - Venous Insufficiency Right
SCR - Screening
UE - Arterial Doppler
UE - Arterial Duplex Scan
UE - Basic Extremity Arterial
UE - Basic Extremity Venous
UE - Dialysis Access Duplex Scan Bilateral
UE - Dialysis Access Duplex Scan Left
UE - Dialysis Access Duplex Scan Right
UE - Digital Ischemia
UE - Fistula Evaluation
UE - Graft Compression Left
UE - Graft Compression Right
UE - Graft Surveillance Bilateral
UE - Graft Surveillance Left
UE - Graft Surveillance Right
UE - Thoracic Outlet Compression Evaluation
UE - Vein Mapping Bilateral
UE - Vein Mapping Left
UE - Vein Mapping Right
UE - Venous Duplex Scan Bilateral
UE - Venous Duplex Scan Left
UE - Venous Duplex Scan Right
UE - Graft-Cath Duplex Left
UE - Graft-Cath Duplex Right
UE - Fistula Median Cubital Evaluation

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