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This is simply the most comprehensive vascular and echo lab management product on the market today. In every install to date, the Focus system has proven to elevate the standard of care.

We can help you build your labs´ clinical success by helping you obtain or maintain accreditation, create professional reports and easily evaluate the accuracy of criteria used in your laboratory.

We can help you build your labs´ business success by reducing workflow inefficiencies, creating patient re-call lists and cutting all transcription costs. This results in increased income and decreased expenses, allowing you to Focus on delivering quality care.

Our cost-effective system can accurately and securely automate your laboratory, from HIPAA-ready patient report management to scheduling and quality oversight. Focus enables your organization to maintain detailed electronic vascular lab records, manage your staff, schedule appointments and generate over 100 reports.

Your lab will have the opportunity to join a growing network physicians, sonographers and administrators who share and contribute to the most comprehensive vascular management system available today. With Frenel Solutions you’ll have control of work flow in your lab. This allows you to Focus on delivering quality care.

Our wide range of clinical experience has also allowed us to create Focus to be the most flexible solution for you. Working in vascular labs that participate in research, we have learned the importance of flexible data management. Teaching new students and mature technologists, all with varied computer experience, has allowed us to make this product accessible to a large range of users. Working with hospital administration in private and government hospitals really helped us develop a precise productivity reporting system. Helping several labs through the ICAVL and ICAEL accreditation process has really honed our tool set for gathering the crucial information to get you through this process quickly and efficiently.


HIPAA Compliance Features

FOCUS meets or exceeds the HIPAA compliant guidelines. Frenel Solutions can also provide guidelines for use of our products to maintain this HIPAA compliant status in your lab setting.


ICAVL Analysis & Management Reporting

Becoming accredited for the first time or maintaining the enormous amount of information required for re-accreditation is one of the most important tasks of a quality vascular or echo lab. Focus has successfully managed the accreditation process in hospital and multi site clinic based laboratories.

Focus allows you to maintain control of correlations, CME activity and case studies without investing additional overhead into administrative hours.

Finally you can keep a handle on correlations, CME activity, and great case studies without investing the extra overhead into administrative hours. Focus makes it easy for EVERY member of your laboratory to contribute to the accreditation process. This is what accreditation should be…a representation of ALL your techs EVERYDAY work.



Focus can manage scheduling in hospitals, clinics or private practices. Focus easily handles initial and follow-up visits, simplifying patient management.


Comprehensive reporting of results

See our list of reports

This list is always growing. If you perform a test that is not included in these reports, we can create it for you.

Focus offers the professional polish that your echo and vascular reports deserve. The quality of your test is determined by the skill of the tech, doctor and the quality of the images you are able to obtain. Our suite of professionally designed vascular and echo reports enhance your reputation for quality by effectively delivering the results in a professional and concise method.


HL-7 Connectivity

A great lab management system is defined not only by how well it serves its users directly, but also by how well it interfaces with software systems provided by third parties. Focus excels in this area, providing seamless data integration with third-party systems, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, billing claims systems, and hospital information systems.

As an HL7 compliant software package, Focus can interface with numerous EMR systems. This provides end users complete freedom in selecting the EMR that best suits the needs of their practices. These well-executed software interfaces combines our industry-leading lab management software with the billing, hospital management, or additional EMR capabilities of third-party systems providing unparalleled power and flexibility.


Simplified Interpretation Interface

It is a fallacy that physicians do not interact well with technology and computers. Physicians are some of the most technologically capable people around, as they deal with incredibly intricate instruments in the operating room and cath lab. Physicians simply do not like technology or computer systems that get in the way of patient care.

We have spent years refining the interpretation process so that it is simple, seamless and allows the physician to provide thoughtfully interpretation to each of their patients, without having to invest a lot of time on each interpretation.


Digital Signature

Focus supports digital signatures, quick interpretation sets and quick QA for physicians. This further ensures quality and efficiency.


Customizable Graphics

Focus provides default sets of graphics for each type of procedure. Each graphic is customizable and can be saved into a graphics library for quick use in later reports. Users can also import graphics they may have from previous worksheets, or custom drawing with the simple use of a scanner. .


Correlation Module

The correlation module provides some of the most important information required by the ICAVL / ICAEL accreditation process. This correlation module allows you to easily track your labs accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values of any sections and sub-sections of your criteria sets.

These matrices can be filtered by sonographer, doctor, gold standard and more, in order to help you identify your quality improvement opportunities. Matrices can also be created for defined time periods enabling you to evaluate your labs’ correlation rate over time.


Quality Improvement Management

Enter QA notes and meeting minutes on the fly. Focus creates and stores quality discussion meeting minutes for any QA information entered into the system. This makes QA a daily process that all the techs and docs can participate in even when your lab is busy!


Statistical Analysis

Focus is flexible for those labs that are interested in developing or further refining their disease interpretation criteria. You can easily experiment with alternative criteria sets to see how to improve your correlation rate and patient care.

Developing new criteria for interpretation was once only a project for those with strong clinical backgrounds and training in statistical analysis. Our correlation matrix acts as the statistical expert for labs that have strong clinical leadership and are interested in proving the theories of vascular testing that they have long suspected.

Tired of repeating another ultrasound lab’s poor quality vascular studies? Take the time to put the studies (that you are repeating) into your correlation matrix. Over time you will have enough studies to statistically prove that your correlation rate with angiography is great, while your correlation rate with the vascular studies from lab X is not. This makes great marketing information for referring physicians and insurance companies that care about quality patient care.


Productivity Reporting


Wonder if your techs are pulling their weight? Or if having a student in your lab is really paying off? Track and assess information on any employee, track their productivity over time or compare them to the standard.

Productivity reporting in Focus is incredibly accurate. You have a choice to compare the number of hours worked to the number of tests done OR include the relative value unit (RVU) weight of each test performed. For example, if one of your sonographers performs 5 ABIs and another tech performs two renal artery exams, their productivity can be compared using the RVU weight of the studies. In this case the two techs’ workload would be comparable due to the RVU weight of a renal artery test being greater than the weight of an ABI.


For example: if you just look at the number of studies each of your sonographers performs per pay period, you would likely get confusing information.


This productivity information can be made a little more understandable if you compare the number of studies done to the number of hours worked in that pay period.


The best method is to use relative value units (RVU) to give weight to each study. This enables you to figure out exactly who your best performers are and who is lagging behind.

Simply put, reporting is simplified, finger-pointing is eliminated and control is enhanced.


Business Analysis

Managing your lab ‘like the business it is’ has never been easier. Run reports as often as you like. Look at referral patterns to learn which physicians (by name, location or type) are referring studies. Focus allows you to recognize trends in referrals and see the effectiveness of marketing strategies.


Custom Result Queries

Being able to determine very specific information about each patient is important. Being able to find groups of these patients and cross reference these searches is even more useful. Focus has this ability built in. For example, you can search for all people with carotid disease AND an ABI less that 0.5 AND are over age 45.


ICD-9 and CPT code management

Reimbursement is improved because tests are coded correctly the first time.

Focus provides customizable lists of ICD-9 codes associated with each type of test. This will allow you to more efficiently enter the appropriate CPT and ICD-9 codes for each test.


Disease Criteria Management

Managing the myriad criteria groups associated with the busy vascular laboratory can be a daunting task. Focus simplifies this by integrating both ICAVL disease criteria requirements and unlimited user defined criteria sets. Criteria sets are pervasive throughout the program and usable in reporting, correlations, patient recall, etc.


Customizable Headers

Report headers are user defined and customizable for each site defined on your network. Headers can be textual, graphic or both.


Custom Research features

Working in labs that do a lot of research, we have learned the importance flexible data management.


Patient Result Trending

It is important to look at carotid velocities, ejection fraction, ABI’s and other crucial measurements over time to assess patient health trends. This is easy with Focus. Each patient record has a flow sheet that records these measurements and displays changes over time allowing for quick visual analysis.


Patient Recall

It is important to analyze carotid velocities, ejection fraction, ABI’s and other critical measurements over time to
assess patient health trends. This is easy with Focus. Each patient record has a flow sheet that records these measurements and displays changes over time allowing for quick visual analysis. As an adjunct to this, you can find patients that have ‘fallen through the cracks’ and recall patients before they suffer a complication of vascular disease such as stroke or limb loss.


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